Local SEO

BRANDXPAND Local SEO is the channel for streamlining all the local searches into your site. For this we bring in uniformity in page design, site construction, and information display in your site and related links. Mobile users in your city can find your business location accurately.

  • Local maps and landmarks
  • Address with Name and phone
  • Clear directions to reach from any location
  • HD images to identify your building

BrandXpand Business Listings

 At BrandXpand we ensure listing of your business name, products and services in every local directory and yellow page. Our SEO coding techniques push your site link to the zone of prominent visibility. We can attract maximum visitor attention even when your site is listed along with tens of competitor sites.

BrandXpand Authority Articles

 You don’t need to stand head over heels to attract search engine ranking. At BrandXpand we make it simple by increasing your site’s visitor rating and reviews with our authority articles. By pushing such articles related to your product and service niche, we create “Value” among your potential target audiences and site visitors. Ultimately they share this value with hundreds of their contacts which makes your business grow into a tree with uncountable leaves, twigs and branches.

BrandXpand Videos 

BrandXpand videos are the sources of unlimited information, awareness and ultimate knowledge. Every viewer gets your business and brand message loud and clear. It stays engraved in their mind and steers them to your site every time they need a product or service you offer.



  • Keyword Research 
  • Micro and macro matching 
  • SEO driven content 
  • Site and page design integration 
  • Online testing 
  • Modifications and editing 
  • -Launch and maintenance


  • Audience understanding
  • Market research 
  • Goal setting and orientation 
  • SEO path mapping 
  • SEO tips and tricks 
  • SEO best practices 
  • Conformance to Google and W3C standards

BRANDXPAND SEO Implementation

  • Complete SEO Audit 
  • On-page and Off-Page optimization 
  • Integration of coding and designs 
  • Link building to and from authority sites